Julienne du Toit

Julienne du Toit
Ostrich, Julienne du Toit
A photoshoot at dawn.

Julienne du Toit is no stranger to a desert. She began her love affair with the world’s dry spaces, aptly enough, by crossing the challenging Nullarbor Desert in Australia in 1998.

Granted, it was while on honeymoon with her husband Chris Marais, and they were ensconced in a luxury compartment on the Indian-Pacific Express between Perth and Sydney. There was fine old 60s music, Fosters Lager and kangaroo steak on tap.

In her time she has tracked lemurs in the jungles of Madagascar, come face to face with the shoebill stork in Zambia’s Bangweulu Swamps, fought deadlines as editor of the award-winning ecology magazine Keeping Track, spent a year learning Spanish in Chile and ridden the Mozambican currents at sunset on a fisherman’s dhow.

With TwoPack in the snowy Swaershoek mountains.
With TwoPack in the snowy Swaershoek mountains.

Now Julienne lives in the Land of the Meerkat and loves it. The threat of fracking has given fire to her passion for the Karoo.

Her best thing is travelling the dry land’s open roads in the family diesel bakkie – her husband at the wheel and their German Shepherd TwoPack in the back.

Contact Chris Marais & Julienne du Toit

Tel: +27 (0) 48 881 2660

Mobile: +27 (0) 82 500 5344


Chris: features@global.co.za

Julienne: julie@karoospace.co.za

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