Chris Marais

Putsonderwater Chris Marais
Waiting for the light at Putsonderwater Station. Photo by Julienne du Toit

Chris Marais has worked on assignment as a photo-journalist in more than 50 foreign spots, including Mongolia, Borneo, Timbuktu, Madagascar and the French Quarter of New Orleans.

As a reporter, he spent many years with The Pretoria News, The Rand Daily Mail and The Sunday Tribune, all highly-regarded South African newspapers whose senior staff displayed great patience with Chris’ wandering ways.

As a magazine man, Chris wrote for Scope, Style (South Africa) and a slew of international airline publications before being appointed Editor of Living Africa, a monthly lifestyle magazine that won nearly 70 journalism awards during his seven years at the helm.

Wapadsberg Pass
Midwinter coffee break in a blizzard on the Wapads Berg Pass – Photo by Ryno Ferreira

Finally freelance and newly-married (to journalist-editor Julienne du Toit) in 1998, Chris began another love affair – with the Karoo, South Africa’s vast dry Heartland.

The couple, who have co-authored six books including Karoo Keepsakes I and II, have lived in the Karoo river town of Cradock since 2007. They now dedicate their time to promoting, defending and celebrating the Karoo – and walking their German Shepherd and his parents along the Great Fish River each morning.

Chris has just written and published The Journey Man – A South African Reporter’s Stories. Order the print version HERE or the Ebook version HERE or, for the Special Combo of the print version and the Silver Creek Bootleg CD, email him at

Contact Chris Marais & Julienne du Toit

Tel: +27 (0) 48 881 2660

Mobile: +27 (0) 82 500 5344




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  31. Carolyn Chadwick says:

    Have you perhaps got more photos & info on two farms in the Norvalspont area – Vaalbank & Hebron … my mother was an Oosthuizen & grew up on Vaalbank – her older brother farmed Hebron – my cousin does now … my aunt ran trading store Norvalspont … train ride from Zambua to visit them back in early 1960’s

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