Vanderkloof, Northern Cape

Vanderkloof Dam in the Northern Cape.
Where there is water, there is life. And so it is with Vanderkloof, a blessed little village in the Northern Cape that nestles into South Africa’s second-largest dam: the Vanderkloof Dam.

Driving through, you’ll see that people have already begun to discover the charms of living by the water’s edge in a dry country. There are new developments, it seems everyone has a boat and a couple of fishing rods – and on weekends the braai (barbecues) smoke over Vanderkloof can be seen from far away.

What used to be a settlement for dam building contractors has now become a holiday resort of note. And every year more and more permanent residents arrive in Vanderkloof.

When this dam is full in the summer months, you can drive for 100km around its shores.

Adventure companies have made their mark in the village and offer all manner of water sports, including kayaking. There’s a hunting concession nearby and a popular nature reserve called Rolfontein, where you can stretch your legs on the 4km Pied Barbet Walking Trail. For overnighters, the reserve offers a number of hikers’ huts.

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