21 Reasons to Choose a Karoo Farmstay

karoo farmstays
The peace, quiet, space and magic of a farmstay in the Karoo region of South Africa.

Arguably the most exciting form of domestic tourism in South Africa is the Karoo Farmstay. Here are 21 reasons why we think so:

  1. Overseas travel is fraught and complicated;
  2. Overseas travel is expensive;
  3. Overseas travel is over-crowded;
  4. Overseas travel involves long-term planning;
  5. City people need a release valve;
  6. A place to escape to;
  7. Blissful space;
  8. Much-needed quiet;
  9. The great outdoors;
  10. A chance to reconnect with the family;
  11. Some much-needed physical activity;
  12. Getting back to the land;
  13. Going somewhere accessible;
  14. Staying somewhere affordable;
  15. A venue for safe adventure;
  16. A place to exhale;
  17. A safe space for the kids;
  18. The freedom to wander;
  19. The blessing of a stoep in the middle of nowhere;
  20. Being disconnected from distracting electronics;
  21. Falling under the ancient magic spell of the Karoo.

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karoo farmstays
You are far from these madding crowds when you stay on a Karoo guest farm.


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