Karoo Space e-Bookstore – 12 Frequently Asked Questions

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The leading website on the Karoo region of South Africa.

1. What is Karoo Space?

Karoo Space is the top website (www.karoospace.co.za) covering the Karoo, South Africa’s beloved semi-desert heartland.

2. Who are the people behind Karoo Space?

Karoo Space is owned and run by Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit, two award-winning photojournalists, authors and independent publishers living in the Eastern Cape Karoo town of Cradock.

Their self-appointed job is to travel through the vast Karoo areas and gather stories, legends and profiles on the faces and places they encounter.

3. What’s in the Karoo Space e-Bookstore?

The Karoo Space e-Bookstore is a growing collection of the authors’ e-books covering all aspects of the Karoo.

4. What devices are best for reading these e-books?

The books look best on your tablet (Android or iPad), your mini-tablet or laptop because you’ll want to see the images as large as possible. And once you see the photographs in these books, you’ll know what we mean – they’re just gorgeous.

5. Who were the books designed for?

The Karoo e-books were designed for South Africans living overseas, locally-based South Africans wanting to travel through or settle in the Karoo and the many foreign visitors who come to this region every year. Also, let’s not forget the people who actually live in the Karoo.

6. Why should they read the books?

The stories, general background and contacts provided in all the Karoo Space e-books offer travellers (both armchair and real-time) essential information.

With these books lodged in their mobile reading devices as traveller’s companions, they will become Karoo Insiders.

Imagine knowing some of the most colourful characters in a Karoo town the day before you’ve even arrived there!

7. In what order should they be read?

They can be read in any order, but it’s good to go by numbers:

101 Karoo Towns, Karoo Keepsakes I and Karoo Keepsakes II. And if you prefer your Keepsakes in Afrikaans, there they are: Knapsak vol Karoo I and II.

8. What’s the downloading process?

It’s a straightforward process (remember you have the option of paying via PayPal, credit card or EFT) but if you have any hassles feel free to e-mail us at info@karoospace.co.za and we will personally help you through the shop.

9. Why run the Shop in South African Rands?

It’s the most user-friendly transaction format right now. We had a US Dollar Shop but our customers asked us to change it – so we did. And if anyone wishes to pay in another currently, it is automatically converted in the credit card transaction.

10. What is the Review section all about?

Your opinion is very important to us. This is where we get to hear what you thought of the books, and where we can possibly tweak them going forward.

So here, the Reviews section really works as a Suggestion Box.

If you liked the books (which we obviously hope you did) then your opinions will also be a marketing signpost to others.

And don’t be thrown by the word “review”. We don’t need reviews to be polished professional works – just give us your opinions on what you read.

11. What about print versions of the books?

Yes, we have the best-selling Karoo Keepsakes I and II as hard-cover glossy print books on sale in our regular bookstore on the Karoo Space website. Order them, and we will post them to you.

12. Are there any more Karoo e-books on the horizon?

Boy, do we have some pleasant surprises for you!

The splendid Karoo Life series is about to launch.

Set up at more than 300 pages each with about 160 photographs and 25 000 words of text, the very reasonably priced Karoo Life series is our next project.

These are the expanded versions of Karoo Keepsakes, taking you deeper and deeper into the Story of the Karoo.

Keep an eye on our social marketing platforms (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter) and the Karoo Space website for more details as we go. And we also run Specials from time to time, offering the books at very affordable prices.

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One of the exciting new spreads in the Karoo Life series – coming soon!

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