Journey Man off to a Rollicking Start!

the journey man
The Journey Man – now available from the Karoo Space website.

The first wave of reviews of The Journey Man – A South African Reporter’s Stories has landed – and so far it’s looking great.

Adventure photo-journalist Jacques Marais:

“Go have yourself a proper read. For many years, I’ve looked up to him (the author, Chris Marais) as one of the leading lights in the SA journalism firmament, and this is a perfect opportunity to peep behind the scenes of his life.”

Wordsmith Llewellyn Kriel:

“Not only is it a masterclass in word wizardry and a rhapsodic ride by a Jedi among journalists, but I’ve been waiting 42 years for this trip. Amid the detritus and bland fluff that SA’s fast-food publishing pumps out, The Journey Man reminds us that diamonds can still be found.”

the journey man
The author on a Greek island break before returning to the Rand Daily Mail in 1982.

Karoo Heartland marketer Annabelle Hobson:

“I read purely for entertainment and do not normally read non-fiction. However, this book is amazing. Entertaining, funny, and I just can’t wait to get back to it when I’m forced to put it down.”

Reader Sally Lotter:

“Fantastic book – engrossing read thank-you!”

Celebrity Chef and Karoo guest house owner Gordon Wright:

“Taking a journey with the Journey man and loving it. Chris Marais, you are a wordsmith beyond compare. Loving your new book. Old hacks everywhere will love this saunter down memory lane. As am I. Find this book and read it.”

Editor, the late Scope Magazine, Dave Mullany:

“Personally, I can hardly wait for the next one. I’m biased of course, but I do know a good read when I see one.”

Somerset East Tourism Manage Ros Turner:

“You certainly bring those years back to life, and you can have no regrets about a life unlived. I am enjoying every word, and the turn of phrase you honed over all those years is still very much with you.”

Daily Dispatch Chief Reporter Mike Loewe:

“We need these memoirs.They are like a mamba strike into the heart of the unconsciousness which sometimes passes for South African journalism.”

We will be posting more review-excerpts of The Journey Man as they come in.

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