“The Road Tripper Took Us Places!”

road tripper eastern cape karoo
road tripper eastern cape karoo
The Road Tripper: “There is abundance in this book!”

Our latest publication, Road Tripper – Eastern Cape Karoo, has been available at more than 60 selected farm stalls, gift shops and bookstores (not to mention in the Digital and Print Book Shop sections of Karoo Space) since late last year.

Judging by sales figures and the comments below, the travelling public are enjoying this “deep window” into the lifestyles and hospitality haunts of the Eastern Cape Karoo.

This is what some of our readers had to say:

road tripper eastern cape karoo
The lovely Dustcovers Bookshop in Nieu Bethesda.

Hennie Coetzee on the Print Version:

“Recently, as I entered Victoria Nance’s Dustcovers in Nieu Bethesda I was greeted by your book. I got one and on arriving home, I read it during every spare moment. Firstly of course Middelburg, then followed by all the other places I know. Congrats on a very good piece of work.”

Bill Davis on the Print Version:

“Just got Road Tripper yesterday and have finished it already. It is wonderful and a great addition to Karoo literature. Well done! Love it!”

road tripper eastern cape karoo
Johan Trollip, one of the artists of Steytlerville.

David Holt-Bidddle on the Print Version:

“That talented and very productive team, Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit, have just released their latest travel book, Road Tripper – Eastern Cape Karoo.

The book covers 17 towns and villages and the routes in between over 256 facing pages, each with a colourful and often amusing description and a charming black and white photograph.

road tripper eastern cape karoo
The Eastern Cape Karoo – undiscovered adventures and colourful encounters.

We meet so many of the region’s human characters, and believe me, there are lots of characters in the Eastern Cape Karoo who have been tracked down by the team, interviewed and photographed, and a few animal characters as well.
There is a directory section giving each destination a heading of Eat, Play, Townstays, Farmstays and Events, covering pubs and grub, things to do and see, and where to stay.

Go fossil hunting, mountain biking or perhaps at the end of the day, stoep sitting. All this helps to make an ideal travelling companion, particularly as it’s easy to read and will fit into the cubby hole or side pocket of the vehicle.”

Renee Pienaar on the Print Version:

“We spent time in the Karoo over the December holidays and your Road Tripper book accompanied us all the way.  Love the book! It made our trip so much more fun and also took us places we would never have known about.”

road tripper eastern cape karoo
The Karoo is no longer a place you just pass through…

Alex Hill on the Ebook version:

To many, the Karoo is a place you pass through, quickly and preferably at night, en route to the coast. Guilty as charged, but not anymore. Karoo Keepsakes I and II by Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit played a big part in converting me into a Karoo-lover and the Karoo is both the journey and destination for me, these days.

What I like about their books is that they’re written in an easy-going and fun, yet informative style. This new Ebook is packed with gorgeous black-and-white photographs and has 286 pages. Their other books I already have are in full-colour, but monochrome images are just as good, and I love these.

road tripper eastern cape karoo
Cycling from Karoo farm to Karoo farm – the latest outdoor adventure.

The use of hyperlinks is a useful and time-saving feature of the Ebook in that you can easily navigate the book from the table of contents. The book is peppered with links to the directory at the end of the book, and there you will get handy links to e-mail and web page addresses.

You will find abundance in this new book, whether you’re looking for colourful characters, famous writers, flora and flora, artists, pubs, eateries and so much more.

I am confident to say that Road Tripper – Eastern Cape Karoo will add to the Karoo Space catalogue. The ebook gets two thumbs-up from me. I should get my print copy in the next day or two from Love Books in Joburg, which I can’t wait for and I intend to read it slowly to savour the experience.

road tripper eastern cape karoo
Pumpkin Festival at Nieu Bethesda.

Jacqui Taylor on the Ebook version:

So easy to read and brilliant photography about an area in the countryside that is hugely underrated. All the hyperlink click-throughs to the directory work. Highly recommendable read.

The Authors:

Once you’ve bought the print book and begun your travels through South Africa’s Heartland, you should have fun with it. Get the owners or managers of each establishment featured in Road Tripper – Eastern Cape Karoo to sign their pages at the Karoo Road Tripper stamp. Most times, you will receive a surprise gift, which could be a discount on your purchase, a pot of jam or a warm Karoo hug.

For really effective exploration of the region, get the Ebook first, plan your trip via the hyperlinks and then get the print version along the way as a memento or a gift for another adventurous soul.

4 thoughts on ““The Road Tripper Took Us Places!”

  1. Alan Fogarty says:

    There were two books, the first was “Shorelines”, now dog eared, stuck with page markers and thoroughly read and best of all absorbed and catalogued somewhere in the dim recesses of the mind for later retrieval. The next was “Road Tripper” equally dog eared and read worn, a book that will spontaneously start a road trip on the road to discovery of the charismatic,arty, eccentric, beautiful, always interesting and characterful Eastern Cape, a place we call home, has been and always will be!. A forgotten gem to many but always home to us. Get it, read it, a must for anyone with a sense of adventure and discovery. Enjoy!!

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